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Amber Dunford

Physical activity and fitness have always been a very large and very natural part of who I am. I grew up in Central Ontario in a VERY small town surrounded by wilderness and water. As a kid, I pretty much lived outdoors and was always fit and athletic as a result of my surroundings. In school, I played every sport and naturally excelled in all things fitness. Once I started college, however, my athleticism decreased immensely and I gained the dreaded “freshman 15”. I moved to Toronto for my studies where instead of swimming in the creek in my backyard, or mountain biking on provincial snowmobile trails to keep fit, I now had to go to the gym.

When I first started, I hated the gym. It took a long time to accept this new type of physical activity, but eventually, I fell in love with it!

In 2006, I took up a part-time job at the front desk of a gym. I started to learn more about the fitness industry and met some people who “competed”.

After doing some research, I decided that I too wanted to compete and I took my training to the next level. After my first show, I was hooked



City, Province, Country:Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Profession: Commercial Fitness Equipment Distribution

Years Experience in this Sport:3 years

2nd Place Open Fitness Model Tall - FAME Lyzabeth Lopez Classic May 2008 Top 10 Advanced Level Fitness Model Tall – FAME World Championships June 2008 1st place Advanced Fitness Model – Fitness Star Model Search April 2009 (Earned PRO status with Fitness Star)

Goals and Ambitions:To be recognized as a top competitor in the fitness industry and to start my own business that utilizes a combination of my fitness and communication skills.

Hobbies and recreational activities:Anything outdoors! Hiking, camping, swimming, fishing, hunting, trapping, canoeing, playing frisbee or beach volleyball, biking, horse-back riding and much much more…

I also love to cook, read, clean (sounds bizarre, but it’s therapeutic for me…), try out new exercises and spend time with my family and friends.

Favorite exercise:Deadlifts and chinups.

Favorite Nutritional Supplement:BioX Power Whey Isolate Chocolate Peanut Butter, BioX Icey Grape Nitro Rush, BioX Vanilla Power Meal Replacement and BioX Glutamine Rush

Favorite Book:The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

Favorite Cheat foods:Pizza, sushi, icecream and my mom’s venison gravy!

Favorite Movie:Cocktail, Blade, The Princess Bride, Stand By Me, Dirty Dancing and many more.

Favorite Music: R n B, Country and everything in between.

Favorite body part:No favourites. My physique is constantly changing as a whole and if I picked a favourite, I would be worried that the other parts would feel left out! ;)

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag:Custom orthotics, lots of water, protein shaker and BioX protein, skipping rope, novel, extra socks, cell phone, flash disk, hand lotion, day planner and training journal.

Advice for the begginer:Do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions! There is always someone who is willing to give you advice but it may not always be good. There are many conflicting views in this industry be patient and sort through it all once the dust settles, everything becomes easier!

Another tip that has worked very well for me and that I highly recommend to anyone, whether you are just starting out or are a veteran in the industry…record EVERYTHING! I record every workout and jot down anything that might impact my performance, such as injuries, illness, etc. In the weeks leading up to a show, I also record my diet. It is great to be able to look back on past competition preparation notes and continue to improve each time.