Andre Rzazewski – Ultimate Champion 2008, Male Bodybuilding

Andre has been making waves as a bodybuilder for a few years now.  In addition to winning titles in Musclemania and other organizations, Andre is a sponsored athlete and has appeared in various fitness publications.  Andre is also known for helping prepare some of the top competitors in the industry for competition from his studio located in Toronto.

After hearing good things about the UFE from his competitors and others in the industry, Andre decided that he would like to compete and we’re glad he did.  Andre brought one of the most entertaining bodybuilding routines ever to the stage – a routine that would match or surpass many IFBB Professionals – and ended up walking away with 1st place honours and earning his title of Ultimate Champion 2008.

Andre’s first order of business after the show was to throw diet to the wind for a small period and enjoy food...especially his mom’s lasagne.

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