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Carly Thornton

Through my teens I was a very inactive child, it was not till my early 20's that I realised my poor nutrition was taking a toll on my body. In an attempt to shape up I joined a local gym and began going a few times a week. It was very nerve racking at first, but I started to really enjoy it. For a short while I only did cardio and then started to experienment with the weights, and realised how much I loved the feeling. I would lift heavy, but wasn't getting the results.

I longed for that toned athletic look but had no clue how to truly obtain it. It was not until I started reading up on nutrition that I slowly saw my body change. I taught myself the importance of exercise diversity and clean eating. Within a few disciplined months, my body began to transform. I felt amazing! I felt physically fit and emotionally, I had a true sense of accomplishment and well being.

After my first competition, and coincidentally, my first win, I realized I had found a path for my life. I decided I wanted to be an inspiration to others, just as those figure/fitness, ladies that inspired me in magazines!!

My next was the UKBFF British Championships where I placed 2nd and then lead to follow in the Top 15 at the IFBB Europeans. I progressed to being a judge within the NAC, which was totally amazing and such an honour to be asked. To be on the other foot really helped me learn more on what the judges see, i.e stage presence, skin tone & well being of each competitor.

More recently I have become more well known for my fitness modelling & inspiring others to seek their goals. For me this has to be the HUGEST achievement and motivation for me as I thrive of helping other suceed, especially with training & nutritional as its such a passion, so its a dream to share it with people and help them learn.

This is your life. If you are not who you want to be, change it! It won't be easy and it may take some time, but surround yourself with people who love and support you and go for it!

No regrets! Everything happens for a reason and it makes you the wonderfull person you are today!! Through addopting a healthy lifestyle, you not only see the positive affects on the outside but the inner beauty.

Most importantly never give up on your dreams, wake up with a smile and always keep the passion you have, its what makes you, you!!!

Love & Kisses
xxxxxxx Carly Thornton xxxxxxx



City, Province, Country:Essex, London,UK

Profession: Carer for disabled children & fitness model

Years Experience in this Sport:11 years

Goals and Ambitions: to further improve myself , experience new adventures & to continure to inspire & motivate others

Hobbies and recreational activities:I love boxing & weight training!

Favorite exercise:Lunges

Favorite Book:eat clean diet

Favorite Cheat foods:strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

Favorite Movie:Rocky

Favorite Music: House & Rock music to train to

Favorite body part:smile & buns

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag: ipod, heartrate monitor, protein shake, water bottle, towel

Advice for the begginer:consistency is the key, train hard, eat 5-6 clean healthy meals a day and most importantly never loose the passion and love for training!!

I Was Featured in:

  • Your healthy Living Magazine Feb 2011 & 2 page spread March 2011.
  • Workout magazine
  • Boditronics advert in Bodyfit Magazine
  • Your healthy Living Magazine
  • Advertising poster for Udo's Choice
  • Front cover of FSN Journal & 2 page spread
  • Front cover The Beef
  • Muscle & Fitness 7 page spread 2009
  • Muscle & Fitness 2011
  • Front cover and Bio inside 2009 Boditronics catalogue
  • Featured in fabulous magazine
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  • LA Muscle
  • Udos Choice Promotions
  • Muscle & Fitness
  • Ultra-FIT magazine 4 page spread & Udos adverts
  • Mens fitness - Bodypower advert
  • Mens Fitness - Muscleforce Supplements advert
  • Front cover of Ultra-Fit Magazine