chantal milot


Chantal Milot – Ultimate Champion 2008, Figure

Chantal is a registered deep tissue massage therapist working in the Beaches area of Toronto when she’s not tearing it up on stage. When she takes her physique to the stage, she’s one tough competitor to beat! Before becoming UFE’s 2008 Ultimate Champion in Figure, Chantal also won her Pro card and proceeded to win the Pro division in the IDFA before taking the overall title at an OPA level 2 event in Figure.

Even Ultimate Champions have to reward themselves with “cheat food” and when Chantal decides to let loose, her cheats of choice are cheesecake and red wine.

After the MVP Quest show we wanted to get to know Chantal a little bit more and asked her a series of questions so that she could show others how an Ultimate Champion is made:

Xtreme Lifestyle Mag (XLM) - What supplements do you use to prepare you for competition?
Chantal Milot (CM) – My supplements of choice include low carb whey protein shakes, multi vitamin, vitamin C, zinc,selenium, vitamin B complex, fish oil caps, fat burners, BCAA’s

XLM - What does your workout routine consist of?
CM – I like to do full body circuit training with plyommetric work 3-4/week, and boxing or kick boxing class 2-3/week. Cardio is done 6 days a week and consists of HIIT in the morning, and 45 minutes moderate cardio in the evening.

XLM - What is your favorite exercise?
CM - Boxing...definitely!

XLM - What did you enjoy about your competition experience with Ultimate Fitness Events?
CM - I have competed in over 15 shows in my career, and I have found the UFE MVP Quest to be the most well planned event I have ever competed in. The show was on time and there were no surprises in terms of when we were supposed to go on stage. That is almost unheard of!

XLM - What are your competition plans for 2009?
CM – I plan to do a few UFE events, OPA Ontario Championships, IDFA Toronto and Canadian Classic and hopefully Nationals!

XLM - What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to make it to the highest level of competition?
CM – My advice would be to work closely with someone you trust, and do only what this person tells you to do. Forget all the advice you will receive from everyone else who may think they know best. Listening to these people will only impede your progress, and may unnecessarily cause you some confusion and add unnecessary stress. Surround yourself with a good support system and go through the paces, day by day.

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