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Erin Bailey – Ultimate Champion 2008, Bikini Model

Erin Bailey is a great example of what someone can accomplish in a short time if they put their minds to it. Just 4 short weeks before the MVP Quest show, Erin qualified with a moderate placing at the UFE Halloween Mayhem event for the Elite division. However, she definitely brought her A-game to the MVP Quest show having worked on every weak area on her body and even improving on parts that were already good. Erin definitely looked immaculate on stage and came away with the title of Ultimate Champion in the Bikini Model category and 2nd runner-up honours in the Fitness Model category.

A salute goes out to Erin’s fiancée who will be officially taking her off the market on February 24th, 2009 when they get married. On their honeymoon, it may be possible to see Erin sneaking in some “junk food” that may include her favourite, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

Erin makes her living as a Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Dance Instructor. Her motivation to compete comes from her desire to be a role model to her dance students.

When we contacted Erin, we asked her several questions that would help others understand her strategies to prepare for the show and her experience as a UFE competitor:

Xtreme Lifestyle Mag (XLM) - What supplements do you use to prepare you for competition?
Erin Bailey (EB) - For the MVP Quest, I used HMB, protein powder and vitamins.

XLM - What does your workout routine consist of?
EB - I realized from my past shows that shoulders are a weak area of mine, therefore I changed up my routine and it seems to be working well. Here it is: Saturday- Shoulders, Sunday- Legs, Monday- Back, Tuesday- Chest and Shoulders, Wednesday- Legs, Thursday- Arms and Friday-Rest.

Cardio: 30 minutes interval training on the stepper or treadmill 6 days per week + abs every day

XLM - What is your favorite exercise?
EB - My favourite exercise is good ole' fashioned chin-ups. I also like to put my 10 week old puppy on my stomach while I do crunches...the cuteness seems to distract me from the pain!!!

XLM - What did you enjoy about your competition experience with Ultimate Fitness Events?
EB - UFE has been such a great experience for me. Being brand new to competing this year, I was unsure exactly what to expect. Winning the Bikini Model was, of course, a thrill. However, even more important, I found the competitors very warm and friendly as well as supportive even though they were in direct competition with me and others. UFE was a very humbling experience. Looking around it was easy to see why all of these individuals were there. They were beautiful, confident, determined, strong, etc. The list goes on and on.

XLM - What are your competition plans for 2009?
EB - My competition plans for 2009 consist of doing theUFE Spring Bash, SAF Elite in June, WBFF, and any others that pop up. I'd like to do as many as possible.

XLM - What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to make it to the highest level of competition?
EB - My advice would be to always realize that even when you think you're at your can be better. Always ask for criticism and feedback, it's the way to make improvements no matter how small they might be. Remember, you only get this one chance here, so make it a masterpiece!!!

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