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Ginette Delhaes

Hello, let me introduce myself! My name is Ginette Delhaes (Oddo's Angel) I am a professionnal athlete, IFBB Figure Pro, Fitness Model, Personal trainer and Nutrition consultant at Monster Gym in Dorval, Quebec, Canada.

I have been implicated in various Sports alll my life. Here is a breakdown of my involvement over the years.

At the early age of 7, I already knew that one day, I would be involved in sports and teach others. Since I lived near the water, I then started all sort of water sports like water skiing, sailing, windsurfing and also lots of fishing with my! At the same time, I started dancing classes followed by gymnastics until the age of 16.

During the long cold months of winter, I focused my energy towards skiing, but that was only until I switched to snowboard and quickly became addicted to that! At 19, I decided to join a gym and fell in love with the sport. In no time (only 9 months) I did my first lightweight bodybuilding competition.

Then came Fitness, it was an obvious choice given that I already had a strong gymnastic background. This led me to compete in the Canada cup and North America.I then took a short break from competing and went back full force in 2007. I finally Won my Pro Card at the 2009 Nationals in Vancouver and became an IFBB Figure PRO!!! A dream of a lifetime. My biggest achievement! My Dream!

I am now competing with the best in the world and to be up on stage with them is an amazing feeling. I am doing what I love the most and teaching it everyday to my clients. It feels amazing to be able to help people achieve their goals and dreams.


Competition Rank Division Year
Fame Nationals Figure 1st FAME 2007
WBBF World Championship Figure 1st WBFF 2007
CBBF Nationals 1st *IFBB Pro Card* CBBF 2009

Went to IFBB World Championship in Italy in 2009 before starting my Pro Season, did not qualify but it was an amazing experience! I did my IFBB Pro debut in Orlando April 2010 but being Canadian I carried a bit 2 much muscle, because IFBB Pro league now wants softer physique, less muscular than Canada requires. So i needed to make major adjustement during my season, I then went to Pittsburgh place 11th, followed by California, Hartford and Dallas where I placed 15 on 40 girls.... that was a good improvement cause it was a huge show, and finished my season in November in Fort Lauderdale and Placed 11th and the Judges are now pleased with the changes in my Physique!

I Start Contest Prep 2nd week of February for my 2011 season. 1st show is Orlando Europa April 30, Followed by Pittsburgh May 7th and Toronto Super Pro Show June 18. Should be followed by Hartford in July and Dallas in August and will be Hoping for an Olympia Qualification!!!

My Contest Diet

Meal 1

Meal 2

Meal 3

Meal 4

Meal 5

Meal 6

BEFORE CARDIO: L-Carnitine 2 grams before cardio, and 1 fatburner

Off season is similar except i will have the occasional restaurant meal,!


Age:A women never tells her age

City, Province, Country:Montreal,Quebec, Canada

Profession: Personal Trainer, Nutrition consultant

Years Experience in this Sport:Over 20 years

Goals and Ambitions: Qualify for the Olympia!!! Continue inspiring people to get fit n healthy.

Advice for beginners: Make sure you take a good trainer when you start so that you can learn properly n avoid wasting time n injuries. You can contact me at

Hobbies and recreational activities:

Movies, Dinner with friends.

Favorite exercise:Squats, Lunges

Favorite Supplement: MVP Biotech's ISO Muscle 94 Chocolate

Favorite book: The Secret.

Favorite Cheat foods:Haitian food, Italian food, I love Bread a lot :-)

Favorite Movie: so many... love Denzel Washington Movies, and Charlie's Angel's...."always wanted to be one when i was young" . I Love the comedy "Date Night"

Favorite Music: RnB

Favorite body part:legs and glutes

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag: gym clothes, shoes, towel.... etc

favorite MVP products: ISO Muscle 94 Proteins, High Impact Glutamine, BCAA Powder, CLA, ALA, ZMA, Argi/Orni, Omega 3.