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Honore Levesque

I’m Honore Levesque (my first name is pronounced: o-no-re), but to simplify it my friends call me Nore. I come from a French Canadian background on my father’s side and an African (D.R.C) background on my mother’s side. Bringing a different and unique look to the fitness industry, I wish to leave my mark and be known internationally as an extreme athlete and as an inspiration/motivation to live a clean and healthy lifestyle.

I’ve always been involved in sports from a young age. My first love, like most kid living in Africa, was soccer (we called football in Africa). After moving from Africa to Canada at age 8 my love for sports kept growing and diversifying. I’ve did all sports from hockey to badminton to martial arts, but I was mostly into basket-ball, volley-ball and eventually weight lifting.

My passion for weight lifting started between my last year of high school and first year of university. As an Electrical engineer student I was spending a lot of time on campus studying, doing homework and working on different projects. With less time on my hands to join any team sports, I made sure to squeeze in a workout during the day to disconnect from school and to keep me sane.

After my university years, I’ve worked as a public servant but quickly realized that the routine of an office job wasn’t for me. I loved helping people, which I still do as a personal trainer. I also get to educate my clients on living an active and healthy life, setting achievable goals and showing them how to make these goals impossible to fail.

City, Province, Country: Ottawa, Ontario

Age : 27

Occupation : Personal Trainer, fitness model/muscular fitness model

Fitness Goals: Landing many magazine covers and sponsorship, opening my own fitness establishment.

Favorite Cheat Foods: Sushi, poutine, fried plaintain with my mom’s spicy chicken, sweet potato fries.

Favorite Exercise: Bench press, DB triceps extension, Stiff legs deadlift

Favorite body part: Chest, Back, Triceps

Favorite Movies: Scarface, Pumping Iron, all the Underworld movies, Dirty pretty things, District B-13(French version), Blood Diamond, and many others.

Favorite Musical Interests: I listen to all kinds of music as long as it has a good beat, but I mostly like Hip Hop, R&B, Dancehall and Socca.

Interests & Hobbies: Volley-ball, basket-ball, I love going to the beach, movies, paintball, can’t wait to go sky diving this summer, cooking…yes ladies I do love cooking and I’m a pretty good cook too

Years Experience in this Sport:
3rd place WBFF world championship – September 2008
2nd place UFE spring bash – April 2009
1st place and earned PRO Status with Fitness Star model search – April 2009

Advice for the beginner: Stay consistent and persistent until you reach your goal. Learn from your failures and make sure to keep coming back stronger.

What’s in your locker room?: Agenda, gym clothes, Protein powder and supplements, cooler with my home cooked meals for the day, towel, study books.

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