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James Erdt


ames Erdt is the Founder and President of Fitness STAR International (, Fitness STAR Model Search, Fitness STAR Agency (, Fitness STAR Magazine ( and the Fitness STAR Network ( Fitness STAR International Head Office is based in Oakville, ON, Canada. The Fitness STAR Model Search WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS are held in the month of November each year in Toronto. Cities in Canada that have hosted shows include Montreal, Windsor, London and Toronto with plans of visiting Calgary, Vancouver and Halifax.

Currently there are also Fitness STAR Model Search Licensees in Mumbai, India and Dubai, UAE plus massive interest all over the globe including the United States, England, Germany, Portugal, Greece, South Africa and Australia.

James Erdt is also the Founder and President of Joyzone Inc. ( which is an innovative, socially responsible, international organization dedicated to guiding people of all ages in Fitness, Nutrition and Inspiration with leading edge products, speaking and workshops. As a conscious, caring and profitable corporation, Joyzone Inc. believes in leading by example and sharing their message with others, so they too, may live a Healthy Life of Well-Being and JOY!

James is a very energetic, passionate and positive individual with a wealth of experience in the Fitness, Graphics and Sales Industries. He is very driven to succeed in all areas of life and is actively involved in continuing education, infopreneurship, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. By supporting and guiding others to becoming successful in their health and wellness goals, he himself finds great joy and fulfillment!

James has 20 years of Sales Experience with multiple sales achievement awards, 10 years experience in the Fitness Industry and 15 years experience as a Graphic Designer / Digital Signage Specialist. He has also owned and operated a Web Development / Graphic Design company for 10 years. Through James’ experiences as a Personal Trainer and Health Centre Manager, he has been part of the success of over 500 clients on an individual basis.

As a Professional Speaker and Author, James enjoys being able to connect with many people at once in order to guide them in making smart choices regarding healthy active living! Philanthropically, James is the ex-Chair of the Board for CYAN - Community Youth in Action Network (, however he is still actively involved in the front lines as a volunteer. He is very passionate about supporting youth between the ages of 14-20.

James Erdt thoroughly loves his plork (play / work) and the results that people achieve with his advice and guidance are incredibly rewarding to him!


Amongst other awards, some of the most notable that James has acquired are being nominated for Canadian Personal Trainer of the Year 2005, Canadian Fitness Manager of the Year 2005, Canadian Personal Trainer of the Month May 2004, Top Individual Personal Training Sale Record holder & the Top 1 Month Revenue Generating Trainer ever in the 26 year history of the largest fitness company in Canada!

  • Canada's TOP 40 Under 40 Award Nominee 2009
  • Canada's TOP 40 Under 40 Award Nominee 2010
  • 1st Place Speaker's Gold Canadian Motivational Speaker Talent Search 2008
  • 2nd Place Advanced Fitness Model - Lyzabeth Lopez Classic 2008
  • 3rd Place Open Fitness Model - Ian Walling Classic 2007
  • 7th Place Advanced Fitness Model
  • Canadian National Championships 2007


City, Province, Country:Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Hobbies and recreational activities:Snowboarding, Skiing, Mountain Biking, Skydiving, Wakeboarding, Roller Blading, Painting, Graphic Design and chillaxin’ with my beautiful daughter!

Favorite exercise:Decline Barbell Chest Press

Favorite Book:Anything Inspirational/Motivational

Favorite Cheat foods:Chicken shawarma sandwiches and all you can eat Sushi

Favorite Movie:Matrix Series

Favorite Music: Trance, Progressive House and Hard Rock

Favorite body part:Trance, Progressive House and Hard Rock

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag:iPod loaded with Trance, fitness magazines, Ipad2 for reading and surfing web while doing cardio, gym gear/gloves and plenty of business cards!

Advice for the begginer:Passion, drive, persistence and believing in YOU are the key ingredients to becoming successful at anything in life!