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Hi, my name is Jean-Jacques Barrett, Pro Muscle Model, Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as a Professional Fitness Speaker.

I come from Beloeil, a small city known for…the Richelieu River!  But at a young age my passion for sports was

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there: Hockey, Baseball, soccer; I played in them all!  It is later that I got hooked from the Gym!  I also, as a young man, did figure skating; witch I think gave me my artistic side!

I believe that I’m extreme of nature.  Being in position that I’m push to my limit gives me that feeling that I can accomplish anything. As a kid sports made me understood that I could become better everyday from hard work. I realized that no one would offer me something for free and that I was the only one responsible for my personal failure; not others.

Success in school was also important as it was giving me the necessary discipline to battle life obstacles.  For years, hockey and books were part of my regular lifestyle as I was an inspiration source for friends and fellow team mates being successful in both activities.

No wonder why I’m an Extreme Sports Fanatics!

I started weight training at the age of 15 as part of my hockey off-season preparation and I already knew that I was meant to become a Fitness Professional.  Working with tracks pants all day long helping others becoming more active and meeting their personal and professional goals, was then a dream job for me.  Adding up the fact I could be in the weight room all day long and that I could work out, apply my new found knowledge and being my own guinea pig was totally awesome!

Meanwhile it was a great way to follow my parents’ path as they were and still are in the Health Care Community.  My Haitian Mother works as a paediatric nurse (with new born children) while my Irish Father works with autistic children.  They both love to help and like being part of children’s progress.

I’m proud of being the son of those two fighters as they are the biggest reason why I am who I am today. They taught me that no matter what, you have to live and do everything to achieve your dream!

My mom, who was a nurse in Haiti, had to go back to school to regain her right to practice here in Canada.  Oh and did I mention she did while taking care of two young children.

My dad had a terrible car accident that almost cost him his life.  Do to his physical inabilities he was asked to leave his job…but regain it 6 years later through hardcore rehabilitation!

Thinking of this reminds me that I had a dream: having a positive impact on many people lives as I could.  How did I do that?  I decided to learn about fitness, nutrition and positive lifestyle habits; I made that as a choice and a life commitment.

From there I was introduced to the Fitness World by Montreal’s Best Yannik Morin of La Bat Cave.  I got hooked and knew that it would be a good way to promote healthy living.  In the mean time, looking at Fitness Magazine opened up my eyes as these fitness models were living proof of optimal health.   I wanted to be part of them!

Having a chance to being exposed to the world speaking about what I love and learned was worth the try! 
Xtreme Lifestyle Magazine gave me that chance.  Combining that with winning the WNSO 2008 Fame World Amateur Muscle Model Championship and becoming a Pro Muscle Model Athlete opened up a lot of doors for me.
I’m now hungrier than ever!
I want to share this passion with the general public and to other athletes.  By the way I’ll be leading a Fame Camp in Montreal summer 2008 alongside Fame Pro Figure Model Valerie David.  More fitness articles will be posted on the Xtreme Lifestyle mag!  And I’m working hard to be on the hard cover of a reputable fitness magazine talking about what?  Fitness!

I would like to take this time to thanks Strength Coach Yannik Morin who from day one believed in me and guide me through this wonderful adventure.  Also Pat from the Xtreme Lifestyle Mag that does an amazing job of promoting positive extreme lifestyle and the people who wish to be part of it.

Age: 27

City, Province, Country: Montreal, Québec, Canada

Profession: Strength and Conditioning Coach, Pro Muscle Model

Years Experience in his Sport: I have been involved in sports since I was a kid. I competed in a variety of sports. I've been competing in Muscle Modeling/Bodybuilding competition for 2 years, won 2 out of 6 competitions and learned a lot form the other athletes and trainers. 

Goals and Ambitions: My main goal was to become a Pro Athlete, witch I did after 2 years of competition winning at the WNSO Fame World Championship.  My next goal is to be on fitness magazines hard covers.  I’m working hard for it!  I want to focus more on Muscle Modeling and preparing athletes for competitions!  My next competition is schedule in two years as I want to become the next World Pro Muscle Model Champion…Why not!!!  Meanwhile fellow comedian Jean-Nicolas Verreault and I are working on presenting an optimal health conference witch will be open to the general public.

Advice for the beginner: When you are getting ready for a competition, have fun prepare for it and being part of it.  This is the best way to let your personality and your stage presence come out!  Look at Arnold pose; no stress, having fun!  The more you are stressing the less your body will be pleased to watch.  Be original, creative, do not be shy to let yourself go; do it for yourself, for personal achievement.  You are in the 1 to 2% percent that makes it on stage…you have to proud of it!

Hobbies and recreational activities:  BBoy (Breakdance) as it requires a lot of discipline, but at the same time allows expressing your artistic side on good old funk music!

Favorite exercise: Squats and Deadlifts J

Favorite Nutritional Supplement: Omega 3 Fish Oils as super polyinsatured fatty acids are essentials for brain development, joints health and positive humour! Also with the increase of mercury in fish, it is a great way to ensure that I totally get the fish benefits without this sad side effect!

Favorite Book: Manuel d’entraînement, Jürgen Weineck

Favorite Cheat foods: Blizzards, Brownies and pizza!!

Favorite Movie: The Departed, Shooter

Favorite Music: Rap Core, Hip-Hop, Hardcore Punk, Trip-Hop, Progressive.

Favorite body part: Chest, Shoulders and Abs!

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag: In the locker room: In my locker room or gym bag there are 2 pairs of sneakers, couple of t-shirts!  

Fish Oil is the main one for the upper mention reason , Chicken, Horse, Buffalo, Organic Sugared Yogourt, Banana, Strawberry, Berries and tons of vegetables.



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