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Jenny Beland

Ilive in the great city of Montreal, Qc, Canada but I am a native of a small village called Richmond, near Sherbrooke.I always need challenges and excitement in my life. Whatever the activity or hobby is that I undertake, I grew up always pushing myself to the limits which has made me a true fighter.

I am dynamic, fun, passionate, determined, motivated, perseverant..and stobburn :P loll! I traine to compete since April 2009 and did my first competition in October 2009. Training is a daily therapy for a great way to unwind and excel while taking care of myself!

Other than competitions, modeling is another passion of mine! I love palying infront of the camera and show the endless effort that I do everyday to be who I am!! Since I started in this field, I've bettered myself as a person. I give my best and settle for nothing less than excellence every day.


City, Province, Country:Montréal (Ile-Bizard),Québec,Canada

Profession: trainer / model

Years Experience in this Sport:Since 2009

Goals and Ambitions: Become a role model for others who want to become fit.

Hobbies and recreational activities:

dancing, shopping, lingeries and massage..I love girls night out ;) I also enjoy photography and modeling A LOT!

Favorite exercise:legs exercises

Favorite Cheat foods:Poutine and candies

Favorite Music: It depends how I feel. It can be alternative rock, heavy metal or hip-hop, house/trance

Favorite body part:Back and legs

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag: MVP Biotech BCAA FX3, High Impact Glutamine, Absolute Power, High Voltage Extreme,Iso 94I

I've been featured in:

  • Summum Magazine May 2010
  • Fitness Star Magasine
  • Sled-crashers Calendar 2012,
  • Music Video


Competition Rank Year
Fitness Star Pro for the Province of Quebec First 2011
Fitness Model UFE CHAOS 9th 2011
Fitness Star World Championships *Athletique Fitness Model* 1st **Pro Fitness Star status** 2010
Fame Quebec Provincial 1rst place 2009
Fitness Star Montreal 2nd place 2009


Advice for the begginer: Believe in yourself or else nobody will... Be ambitious and dare to try accomplish your dreams! Don't ever give up! Stay motivated, always keep your goals in mind!!! It's never too late to become who you were suppose to be ;)