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Julia Emanuele

I am a wife, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a trainer, a ftness model, a figure competitor, an animal lover, a perfectionist...the list goes on. I grew up a determined and stubborn little girl with a passion for dance, competiting, and performing. When my competitive dance career ended, a huge void developed. I missed the mental and physical challenge that I thrive for, and that dance had once provided. I missed setting that goal and working my butt off to attain it. I missed competiting. Fortunately the fitness industry just slipped into my lap. I met an amazing friend and trainer, and doors opened to such a promising world of fitness. I discovered fitness/figure competitions.

Figure competitions are very similar to dance. You set goals, you train for months on end, and the prep is both physically and mentally exhausting, yet exhilerating....which I love. Then that day comes to show off all your hard work and compete among the best. I am addicted to that high you feel on contest day, that similar high I felt on show day with dance. A high of success, and accomplishment; stepping on that stage in your best physical form possible, feeling confident and psyched to show off all your hard work.  There is no better feeling than accomplishing your physical and mental best.

When people ask me why I do what I do (and many call me crazy), it is difficult to answer. I do this for a mulititude of reasons, I do this because it has become my life. As I once ate, breathed, and slept dance, I now eat, breathe and sleep fitness. I found my calling. The gym is my comfort zone; my place of zen and the stage is my platform. Of course there is more to me than training and competitions. I like to think of myself as being an interesting person, someone who thinks outside the box and cherishes every moment. 

What you see is pretty much what you get with me. I am a loyal friend, strong willed, and passionate about whatever it is that I set my sights on. Some may say I am stubborn, but I prefer the word fiesty! I have a thick skin, but am a softie at heart. I enjoy a multitude of interests outside of fitness. I love to travel, write, bake, decorate, dance, and of course spend time with those I love. I am a devoted animal lover, and have a keen interest in learning about the law.

I studied Political Science and Criminology at the University of Toronto. I always thought I was going to be lawyer, but life happens and things change. I now work for a supplement company in the sales department as an account manager and I love it. I am a self proclaimed nerd and love game shows and boardgames (maybe thats becasue of my competitive nature!), and I'm also a movie addict.  I prefer to stay at home and watch movies then go out and party. I like being spontaneous and random at times, but I am also a neurotic planner- a perfectionist.

I want to motivate and inspire women to eat clean and live a fit, healthy and balanced lifestyle. I want women to love themselves, take pride in their physiques, and take care of themselves.

So many women are insecure about themselves as I was once. It is time for women to properly educate themselves about fitness and nutrition, and realize all it takes is dedication and commitment. Women need to stop shying away from the weight room and get in there and work it.

Skinny is out and strong, shapely curves are in. I want to be the one to inspire others. I will continue to work hard and shape and condition my body. With each competition comes new goals and new challenges. I say bring it on. I will always commit, dedicate, and devote myself to this sport. I have many plans for myself and I will work hard to achieve them. I will not stop. Julia


City, Province, Country:Milton, Ontario, Canada

Profession: Account Manager

Years Experience in this Sport:2 years competing

Goals and Ambitions:

Oh wow, I have many. In whatever I set my sights on my goal is to work hard, push myself and be the best version of myself possible. In regards to fitness, my goal is to turn Pro and open a training facility. I see myself training and educating others on health, fitness and nutrition and changing people's lives. I want to inspire others to live a fit lifestyle and be the best they can be.

Hobbies and recreational activities:

Working out, dancing, sports, travelling, and anything to do with animals.

Favorite exercise:Definitely squats and walking lunges.

Favorite Book:She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb. A book about breaking down barriers, overcoming fears and struggles, and finding peace.

Favorite Cheat foods:Anything chocolate!

Favorite Movie:Blow

Favorite Music: Depends on my mood! Rock and hip hop are my top faves. Jay Z, T.I, Drake, Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit, and Metallica are some of my top favorites.

Favorite body part:A person's smile.

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag:Always in my gym bag: water, iPod, lifting gloves, and my training program.