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Purely Canadian is how I best describe myself; I’m not even too sure of the origins of “Marsland”. I was born January 23 rd, 1979 in Montreal, Quebec. I have pretty much lived in Montreal my entire life, although my career as a flight attendant regularly takes to the four corners of the world.


In school, physical education was always my favourite subject and my parents enrolled me in every sport imaginable. My sport of choice however was soccer, which I played on an elite team for 10 years. While playing soccer mostly in the summer, I practiced dance the rest of the year. I even decided to further my education in modern dance at both college and university levels. But, being left with a tough decision to make, I elected to fly the friendly skies as opposed to becoming a starving artist.

In search of something to keep me busy and fit, I found myself spending more time at the gym and gradually developed a passion for physical fitness. I began by completing my certification in Group Fitness and started instructing. Still searching and craving that stage spotlight, I then enrolled in my next challenge: my first fitness model competition. Since then, in just over one year, I’ve begun personal training, organizing and hosting competitions, modelling, etc. Now, the sky’s the limit!!!

Nick Name : Jewels
Place of Birth : Montreal, Quebec
Age : 29
Residence : Montreal, Quebec
Occupation : Flight Attendant / Fitness Model
Height: 5’10”
Contest Weight: 137 lbs
Off-Season Weight: 142 lbs
Eye Color: green
Hair Color: brown
Fitness Goals: I simply want to maintain. Next, will be to work on posture and body alignment, To be the best that I can be…nothing more, nothing less!
Biggest Influence : (a person): my parents

Favorite Cheat Foods: Jujubes
Favorite Exercise: anything requiring a ball
Favorite Movies: Dirty Dancing
Favorite TV Shows: I love all Makeover shows
Favorite Actor: Brad Pitt (Men), Charlize Theron (women)
Favorite Sports: soccer
Favorite Musical Interests: Anything I can sing and dance to
Favorite Video Games: hate them
Favorite Books: “Davinci Code”, right now I’m reading “The Last of Her Kind”
Pets: My little cat “Tootsie”
Interests & Hobbies: aside from training, I love going to see shows (musicals, dance, concerts, movies…), traveling the world, I spend time with loved ones, go shopping, get a manicure…you know, “girly stuff”.

Years Experience in this Sport: 4 years

Advice for the beginner
Be persistent. Results can be gradual and hard to notice for the first little while, but a few months down the line you’ll look back at your “before” photos and you’ll see the difference.

What’s in your locker room?
What’s not in my locker room? Isologic, Glutamine, BCAAs, Revive, Voltage, all the vitamins and the list goes on.


Competition Results

2005 FAME East, Fitness Model (Open)
2 nd place

2005 FAME World Championships, Fitness Model (Advanced)
1 st place

2005 MVP Quest
1 st place

2006 FAME World Championships, Fitness Model (Pro)
2 nd place

2006 Universe Weekend, Model Universe
1 st place

2006 MVP Quest, Host n/a

2006 FAME North American Championships, Fitness Model (Pro)
2 nd place

I’ve been featured and/ or will be featured in the following magazines:

  • Muscle & Fitness Hers (cover)
  • Oxygen
  • FAME
  • Maximum Fitness
  • REPS
  • American Curves lingerie edition
  • M

I’ve appeared on the following TV programs:

  • “Portfolio – Derrière l’image”

I’ve been a model for the following companies:

  • Bowflex
  • Club Piscine
  • Bula
  • Sunice
  • Lori Fabrizio makeup

Sample Training Routine:


Day 1 : quads, hams, glutes
Day 2 : shoulders, traps, abs
Day 3 : chest, back, biceps, triceps
Day 4 : off

Nutrition & Supplements:

Sample diet and Supplement Plan


Meal 1: 6 eggs (5 white, 1 whole), 15g crushed almonds, 30g cinnamon oatmeal

1 multi-vitamin

Meal 2 (Pre-workout): 100g chicken, 1 tbsp fish oil, 5g BCAA

During workout: 5g BCAA

Meal 3 (post-workout): 1 ½ scoops MVP Isologic, 2 scoops maltodextrine, 5g High Impact Glutamine

Meal 4: 125g horse meat, 1tbsp coconut oil, 1 apple

Meal 5: 100g turkey, 1tbsp olive oil, 90g brown rice

Meal 6: 150g sole, 1tbsp fish oil, 60g sweet potatoes, 110g asparagus

Meal 7: 1 can of tuna, mixed vegetable salad, 1 tbsp olive oil, ½ tbsp balsamic vinegar

Before bed : 5g High Impact Glutamine


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