Krista Shaus – Ultimate Champion 2008, Female Bodybuilding

Krista Shaus has proven to be a nearly unbeatable competitor, walking through her competition in 3 different organizations. In fact the only competitor to beat Krista in 2008 was her Physique Coach, Frances Manias when they met in the overall at the IFBB World Qualifier event in June 2008.

One would think a competitor of this level has nothing but competing on her plate, but Krista is a devoted wife and mother of 2 children in addition to being the owner of her own Personal Training Business, Defining Edge; proving that all things are possible if you make them a priority.

We must admit that we’re a little disappointed with Krista’s choice of first thing to do after the competition was over...drink a few bottles of water and then eat a big salad with all the fixings?!?!?! Hmmm...well, she’s the champ!

Want to know a little more about how our Ultimate Champion gets prepared for competition and what she thinks? We posed the following questions to her:

Xtreme Lifestyle Mag (XLM) - What supplements do you use to prepare you for competition?
Krista Shaus (KS) - As a certified strength coach and lifelong athlete, I am a big beleiver in the benefits of supplements for the overall succes of a natural athlete and for the health, performance and fitness of the general population also. Food is not as nutrient dense at it once was and the commercial food industry is full of processed, refined, nutrient devoid "non foods". Plus, research shows that the average "balanced diet" in North America is deficient (ie 100% are deficient in iodine, most are deficient in zinc and magnesium...).

Thus, supplementation - optimal quality and proper quantity, timing, rotations and combinations - is a very important part of my preparation and has been throughout my athletic career. Here are some of my staple supplements during a precontest phase: BCAA's, Glutamine, Glycine, Protein Powders - various types including whey, goat, hemp, brown rice and pea, A Green Food supplement - which I rotate often,Fish Oil - again, rotating brands and fish sources, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, Chromium, Vitamin C - natural source, Herbal adaptogens - such as maca, ashwagandha and rhodiola, Tyrsine, Taurine, and Creatine

XLM - What does your workout routine consist of?
KS - Because my training age is quite old (I have been consistently lifting weights since I was 14 and started experimenting with my first step of dumbbells, actually my brother's, at age 9) and I have competed in powerlifting for over a decade, I no longer follow detailed training programs that often in my training cycles.

To prepare for bodybuilding this year, I employed alot of DOUBLES where I would train twice daily, either an AM HIIT (high intensity interval training) on an upright bike or outdoor track drills and an early PM (1:00) or evening (7:00) weight training session. I have had my fair share of TRIPLES also where I may combine HIIT, Hypertrophy (bodybuilding) and Strength (lower reps / higher weight) workouts at 3 different times in my day, morning, midafternoon and evening. I have a high training threshold and can take this kind of volume - plus, my high level of nutrition from food and supplementation also assists with recovery and stress management.
My weekly training schedue may look like this: DAY 1 - Chest , DAY 2 - Quads & Calves, DAY 3 – Arms, DAY 4 – Back, DAY 5 - Shoulders & Abs, DAY 6 - Calves & Hams, DAY 7 - RECOVERY METHOD

I do not spend alot of time training my shoulders and arms as they already dominate my physique asthetically due to my background in powerlifting and gymnastics (plus some genetics in there Im sure). Currently, I focus on legs, calves and other body parts that I would like to bring up in size and symmetry.

I prefer to boost my metabolism and lean out through manipulations with weight training, HIIT (energy system work) and nutrition than do much cardio. I am not built for endurance and I beleive in making the most of your strengths, gentics and also what you enjoy doing. A few weeks out from a contest I may add 12 to 20 minutes of steady state cardio post workout for additional fat loss.

XLM - What is your favorite exercise?
KS - Tough question...The exercise I enjoy the most: chin up variationsIf I could only train one exercise for life: clean & press The exercise that got me the most results this year: cable flies for chest (never did these as a powerlifter) The exercise that every person should learn to do properly and keep doing for life: squats Least favorite exercise: seated calf raise... whether I use 5 or 100 lbs, these hurt!

XLM - What did you enjoy about your competition experience with Ultimate Fitness Events?
KS - It was great to connect with other athletes and partners in the industry. Ultimate Fitness Events bring some of the best of the best in the industry together in terms of professionalism, calibre and integrity. I was also very impressed with the high level of organization and professionalism in the running of the contests - this is very important to the athletes and a good example for the industry as a whole.

From the sharp look, relevant and current content and detailed information on the website to the smooth and orderly management of the competitors' meetings, this continually and evolving attention to detail and high standards will keep athletes and other partners coming back and will encourage new ones to participate. I also appreciate that the UFE walks the walk regarding promoting natural, drug-free events.

XLM - What are your competition plans for 2009?
KS - After competing in 7 shows in 2008, I thought it wise to scale back my contest schedule in 2009 and focus on quality rather than quantity. With that in mind, I intend on doing the following events: Arnold Amateurs, CBBF former World Qualifier (now: National Physique Championships), OPA Provincial Championships, UFE MVP Quest

XLM - What is the best piece of advice you can give to someone who wants to make it to the highest level of competition?
KS - The brain leads the body. You must set something in your mind first and foremost before you can accomplish it. "A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes." mohandas gandhi

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