Kyle Gentle

Personal Trainer/Fitness Model

My name is Kyle Gentle. I am a personal trainer for GoodLife in Toronto. I didn't always want to be a trainer, I graduated from the law clerk program at Fanshawe College but before graduating I realized that going into that field wasn't for me. I knew that I enjoyed helping people and started to think of the police services or firefighting. (I admire public servants) But after odd jobs post-college I realized that I would like being a trainer. Now I love being a trainer!!! I love the industry and I help people on a daily basis, helping lead healthier lifestyles.

I train (myself) at a facility called Dynamic Conditioning Centre (owner Lee Davey) which I absolutely love. DCC's slogan is "The first fitness and athletic playground" …which it truely is!!! 619 Yonge St.(Yonge and Wellesley) check it out, seriously!!!! I also train Muay Thai with the president of Muay Thai Canada, Ahjan Suchart, at his facility, Siam No.1 (75 Ingram Drive. Keele and Eglinton) If you are interested in muay thai, I highly recommend training at Siam No. 1. Many world champion and Amateur champion muay thai fighters train began their training in this facility. It is known as one of the best places to learn traditional Muay Thai in North America!! I still love traditional body building but DCC and Siam No.1 are my favourite places to train right now.

I am a certified personal trainer Specialist and nutrition and wellness Specialist. I have my power plate level 1 certification and have completed many continued education courses (CEC) with PT on the net (level 4), including an upcoming kettle bell certification. Many more certifications to come!!

One day I would love to open up my own fitness facility, but it would not look like the everyday gym, still thinking about the name but I want a few more acclimations connected to my name before I get started.

Age: 26 years old

City, Province, Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Profession: Personal Trainer (GoodLife King's Mill location)

Years experience in fitness modelling:

WBFF World Championships, September 2008 – Place 5th

Fitness Star Model Search, April 2009 – Placed 1st and earned PRO status with Fitness Star Goals and Ambitions: To never stop learning. To earn more certifications and education credentials involving the biomechanics of the body and all aspects of fitness. And to be featured in/on the cover of multiple fitness magazines. To owe my own fitness facility someday!!

Advice for beginners: I would tell anyone who is looking to start out in the fitness industry (fitness competition or trainer) that your drive and passion are your number one priority to be successful and of course to have fun at the same time. Always remember that you choose your attitude everyday and having a positive outlook regarding anything you want to excel at are essential. I feel that if you really want something in life (that is a realistic goal) you'll do just that. To me the difference between achieving your goals and failing is your true WANT for whatever that goal may be. You have to REALLY want it!! Your desire and love for what you are doing will take you down the path that needs to be traveled to get to your end goal!

Hobbies and Recreational Activities: Muay Thai, soccer, movies

Favourite Exercises: Squat, push ups(variations) and pull ups (variations).

Favourite Supplement: Strawberry banana Quick MASS...(my body type allows for me to take weight gainers except when I prepare for a show, when I get ready for a show I don't take any suuplements)

Favourite Book: Sidney Sheldon's "A Stranger in the Mirror"

Favourite Cheat foods: Pizza and Pancakes (not together, but now that I mentioned it I think I might try them together)

Favourite Movie: Step Brothers

Favourite Music: R&B and Hip Hop

Favourite Body Part: my abs I guess and my butt

What's in my gym bag: My agenda, gym clothes, my hand wraps, my muay thai shorts, and various fitness articles, and my ipod and wallet

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