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Hi, let me introduce myself. I am Michèle Levesque, a training addict. If you want to know more about me, read these lines.

I come from Bromont, a small village known as the capital of mountain biking and skiing. My parents were always active

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and instilled a love of physical fitness in me from a young age. I devoted myself to several sports such as gymnastics, figure skating and, of course, biking and skiing.

I have always had an intense temperament and am always on the lookout for a new challenge, a new obsession. For

years, I let off steam in track and field, where I progressed from the sprint to running 30 kilometres on the road!

Running was my drug, my inspiration, my decadence, my release, until the day when I had to have surgery for knee problems. My world fell apart and I lapsed into gloom and despair. I had lost my best friend.

My passion for weights and dumbbells developed from the time I was in rehabilitation for my knees. Aside from running,

lifting weights was the only way I got satisfaction. At first slowly, then with growing intensity. I had discovered my second obsession! I set about being reborn and wanted to know everything about nutrition and training. One day while leafing through magazines, I told myself that one day I would be the person on the cover! But first I had to find a good coach to lead me to the top. Francine Savard of Proactif lit my path. That is when a beautiful love story was born between her and me. The passion for training!

I have now lived in Montreal for about ten years. I came here to study kinesiology at the Université du Québec à Montréal and continue in massotherapy. I have worked in this profession for five years.

In the near future, I see myself on the cover page of a magazine and I plan to return to studies in physiotherapy.

Michele's owes her extreme physique transformation to her personal coach FRANCINE SAVARD. For the past 2 years Francine and Michele have work closely together in a synergistic way to obtain extreme results that many never thought possible

Age: 31 (chuuuuut!)

City, Province, Country: Montreal, Québec , Canada

Profession: Massage therapist, fitness model, Stewardess

Years Experience in her Sport: I have been invloved in sports since i was a kid. Competed in all kind of sports. I've been competing in figure competition since 1 year and a half and learned alot form the other athletes and trainers... i've been doing weight trainning for a couple of years before starting in fitness.

Goals and Ambitions: My main goal was to win a world title and i did in only one year of competition. My next goal is to be on fitness magazines covers. And it's coming pretty fast!!! I want to focus more on modelling and maybe TV commercials , maybe even movies! why not!!! i will continue competing because I love the feeling of beeing on a stage. And of course i will try to stay on top by always improving myself from one competition to another.

Advice for the beginner: When you prepare for a competition, DO enjoy it. enjoy every second of it. DO not have any expectations. Just have fun and go on thinking your the sexiest thing on earth!
and if u win, well good for you!!! I've seen atlhetes cry and beeing so discouraged because their expectations were too high. Do it for yourself. DO it for a personal goal. Just enjoy it :)

Hobbies and recreational activities: for fun, i love being outside. I snowboard, moutain bike, do hiking, rollerblade. I like to travel and discover new places. I am an adventurous !!!

Favorite exercise: Pull- Ups

Favorite Nutritional Supplement: I really like fat burners (Octosyne) it gives energy, a boost and it motivates me to go to the gym at 5 am!!! It,s the same feeling of drinking 4 coffees! You feel awake , and energized! ready to hit the gym!!!

Favorite Book: Comment reussir votre vie Dr. Murphy

Favorite Cheat foods: PIZZA, pasta and bread!!

Favorite Movie: The march of the penguins

Favorite Music: trip-hop, hip-hop, trance

Favorite body part: My Quads

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag: In the locker room: In my locker room or gym bag there is lipgloss! my fish oils, High Impact Glutamine, BCAA PLex. vanilla perfume, 2 pairs of sneakers (depending on what i am wearing LOL), pink trainning gloves and my IPOD!

CREAVOL, Revive, Slow Releaze. The supplement I can't' live without is Proteine powder. I can cook su much stuff with that! Chocolate puddings, pancakes, chocolate oatmeal, strawberry yogourt...


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