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Nancy DiNino

Nancy Di Nino, is a common name that has been popping up all over the international health and fitness scene. Her Italian/Venezuelan mix allows her to reach out to her fan support across the world and sees herself as a true positive role model fusing fashion, beauty , health, fitness and dance, all in one dynamic package.

As a fitness professional she has graced magazine covers internationally alongside her various model layouts and published articles, some of which include, Beyond Fitness, Oxygen, Muscle & Fitness, IronMan, Physique (Middle East), Body Fitness UK & France.

Nancy is also a radio and media personality. Her infectious personality allows her to co-Host Florida based radio show, "Living Beautiful Radio". The weekly broadcasts quench the appetite of the modern-day, multi-faceted woman who craves the most cutting edge information from two of the world leaders in health, beauty, lifestyle, nutrition, medicine and the science of "Living Beautiful". She has interviewed past guests, 5x Fitness Olympia Adela Garcia, 2x Fitness Olympia, Jen Hendershott and Figure Champs, Jenny Lynn and Jennifer Gates.

If you were to ask those who know me, to describe me, well I guess the common reaction would be for them to stop what they are doing, widen their eyes and say; "She never stops, she's got that passion, and that discipline, and she just keeps on going! And her competitive edge, watch out cause here she comes!" Well, I guess they are right, the journey, my journey, never ends. In whatever it is that I am doing, however the task or goal reincarnates, my passion and discipline exceeds all obstacles. I think I was just born with it because I felt it at such a young age,and that is why my journey started at such a young age.

My gymnastics career started at age 6. I would jump off swing sets, diving boards and anything else I could giving my parents a heart attack. I was FEARLESS! Well my fearless passion created a 12-year gymnastics career with a well–known coach based out of Romania…and for anyone who asks, "How did you get those abs?" Well, hands down I give credit to my coach who started me doing up to 1000 ab exercises a day at 7 years old. The best conditioning ever that worked every muscle in my body was through gymnastics. Anyone who is or was a competitive gymnast knows exactly what I mean. You train muscles you never knew existed. From gymnastics, grew my passion for dance, considering dance is an integral part of gymnastics and the routining; and on top of that, in school I was also competitive in Volleyball, Track and Field, was Captain of the Cheerleading team and continued working out at the gym.

Once retiring from gymnastics at the age of 18, (yes so young but so old for a competitive gymnast) my journey and passions where still burning, so I continued with dance, in hip hop and jazz and then was introduced to Salsa dancing and Latin ballroom dancing.Well my ongoing hunger for Salsa dancing, led me to become a Professional Salsa Dancer, and a Member/Instructor, of Strickly Salsa Dance Company based in Toronto, Ontario in which our team competed and performed within Canada and internationally including the World Salsa Congress in Puerto Rico, New York and Los Angeles and Montreal. I guess you can start to see the trend for yourselves, when people say I never stop. I do not know what it is, but it is in my blood! ...that feeling, that passion, it nourishes my soul, especially when I am on stage...

Age: 38

City, Province, Country: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Profession: Correctional Officer /  Professional Fitness Model and Owner of Bravado Marketing & Management Services

Years Experience in this Sport: 10 year

Goals and Ambitions:

As a multi- talented TV-Radio personality, Professional Model, Athlete, Salsa Dancer, my career focus is on versatility and marketability in so that I can continue to inspire a diverse group of people.

I want to inspire people to live beautifully and to be the best they can. On another note,  one of my future goals is to one day walk the “Red Carpet”…watch out now!

Hobbies and recreational activities:

I love to go Salsa Dancing …my real love! . I also enjoy hanging out with family, friends, going to the movies and listening to R & B / Hip Hop music.

Favorite exercise: Walking lunges

Favorite Book: The Power of Now by Wayne Dyer

Favorite Cheat foods: Pizza, Popcorn, cookies

Favorite Movie: Heat

Favorite Music: R & B and Hip Hop

Favorite body part: Abs

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag: Towel, IPOD, grips, work out routine, deodorant and I don’t leave home without my blackberry cell and my water jug!

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