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Noemie Tremblay

I'm a french canadian from Quebec City. I'm a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, a Martial Arts expert, a Gym Owner, a restaurant owner and Boxing event Promoter. I'm also a proud mom ; ) So, my life is crazy !!! But I'm still young and I'm a very energic person.

I've been into sport my whole life. Gymnastic, Rugby, Latine Dance, Tae Kwon Do, Karate,, are some sports I competed in. I won Bronze at the Worlds Championships in Sparring division on December 2009 in karate.

I'm fun, outgoing and open minded person I love to have fun !!! But I'm also an extremely determined Woman !!! I started Body-Fitness 4 years ago. I switch to Bikini and Fitness Model,last year, now I'm modeling a lot and this is my new passion !!! I hope you will love my profile ; )


Competition Rank Year
WBFF Won Pro Card WBFF Fitness Model April, 2011
WBFF 4th place June, 2010
CBBF 5th World Qualifiers Figure April, 2010
CBBF Won Overall Province Figure 2009
FCPAQ Won Overall Regional Figure 2009
Karate Bronze in Black Belt Sparring Division at the Worlds 2009
FCPAQ 2nd Regional 2008

2004 to 2010: Lots of Karate tournaments around the world.


  • Cover Natural Muscle magazine, July 2011
  • Cover Summum Magazine
  • Inside Fitness Magazine
  • Fitness Quebec Magazine
  • Fit and Firm Magazine
  • American Curves ( in the next months )
  • Vex magazine ( next issue )

My Motto

NEVER GIVE UP !! IT'S ALWAYS POSSIBLE !! Those words are very important to me ; )



City, Province, Country:Quebec City, Canada

Profession: Pro fitness model, gym owner, boxing event promoter.

Years Experience in this Sport:4 years

Goals and Ambitions:My goals right now are to be a real fitness Model, I mean I would love to Model for Magazine like oxygen.

Hobbies and recreational activities:I'm a sport addict. Ive been doing martial arts for many years, I love snowboarding, hikking, cycling. I love every outdoor sports !

Favorite exercise:ABS.... I feel good after a real abs training.I,m a cross-training lover too.

Favorite Book:The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Favorite Cheat foods:Nacho,,, ummmmm ! With lots of cheese on it !

Favorite Movie:I love Fast and Furious serie ( great soundtrack too )

Favorite Music: Latino, Regeaton, Hip Hop, R&B.

Favorite body part:I think for a woman to have strong abs it's very sexy. so abs would be my favorite.

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag:I really need 2 and sometimes 3 different training outfit. Because sometimes I can train 3 times: cardio, weight, sparring ( karate or boxing ) and cardio again. So I need to change many times.

Advice for the begginer:One Step at the time, It's possible and NEVER GIVE UP !!!

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