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Patty Wilson

Igrew up in a small town and I really knew nothing about working out, eating healthy, etc. At one point I weighed 140 lbs in 8th grade. As I entered into high school, I started to lose weight the unhealthy way, I got down to 110 pounds by my senior year. I then went away to college and of course learn how to party ;-) and gained the freshman 20. When I went home for summer I made a promise to myself I would lose the weight… this was the beginning. I went back to college my sophomore year started working out at the local recreation center and the rest is history ;-) I started competing in 2007 and it has changed my life.

What you see is pretty much what you get with me. I am passionate about whatever it is that I set my mind on. I love the gym, working out, outdoor activities, traveling, cooking and baking and spending time with my family and friends. My goal is to Motivate and inspire everyone who comes in contact with me to live healthy, be confident in themselves, and go after your dreams.

I have so many goals I can't just name one. I am excited to wake up eveyday and see what will become...


Age:it's my secret ;-)

City, Province, Country:Scottsdale, AZ USA

Profession: Fitness & Life Coach, Personal Trainer

Years Experience in this Sport:4yr Competing and 16 years fitness industry

Goals and Ambitions:I have so many! In regards to fitness, my goal is to turn Pro in Figure, become a fitness icon and have my own dvds, and cookbook..and...the list goes on ;-) .

Hobbies and recreational activities:I love to cook and bake! I also love to travel

Favorite exercise:Pylo exercises, stadiums, lunges

Favorite Book:Infinite Possibilities at the moment

Favorite Cheat foods:White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies, Almond butter w/honey and Guacamole

Favorite Movie:I have many..

Favorite Music: House, RnB, Techno are a few but honestly I love country too... just depends on my mood!

Favorite body part:I love all of my body!

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag:My weight gloves, weight hooks, lotion, antibacterial wipes, deodorant, body spray, etc....

Advice for the begginer:I would say to never say never. Have confidence in your dreams. If you think it.. it can happen. Find a person who is an expert i.e. me ;-) (personal trainer) and let them lead you to where you wanna go. Persistence, positivity and determination are key!