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Paulette Sybliss

My name is Paulette Sybliss a.k.a. Miss P I was born, raised and still live in London, England UK. I was active as far back as I can remember I grew up and still am a little bit of a ‘Tom Boy’. I was always out on my bike, roller skating (quads thank you very much- the original skates!) or just playing in the park. I’m the youngest of four girls but was as close to a boy as my dad was going to get  I loved most sports that I played but excelled at athletics 100,200m & Long jump. I also loved to play Netball and also rounder’s (similar to softball) But athletics through school was my passion; I competed at school, club and city level.

I was extremely competitive so much so that even if I qualified for a race final but was beaten in the heats I would be livid with myself for getting beaten in a heat! I hated to lose in any sport I participated in and it was very hard to be around me if I lost or my team lost at any sport.

I remember during Secondary School my class were beaten one year at in the netball finals when we were the easy favourites, beaten by a fellow class, our arch enemy to boot. I swore revenge later in the year at the rounder’s tournament where we were not the favourites. Determined not to lose I changed my position from outfield catcher to bowler. The opposing team only managed to get one base hit off me for the whole game and my team won, by the one and only rounder scored, by yours truly-JOB DONE game over. Towards the end of my school years I lost some focus with athletics and stopped competing, however as soon as I was old enough I joined a gym and my love affair with training continued.

When I became a proud mum to my wonderful daughter I knew by then that the Fitness industry was where I wanted to be full-time, to live it, sleep it, and work it. I became a certified Fitness Trainer and Group Fitness Trainer &Manager again excelling and getting the chance to teach amongst other places in Spain at Fitness events.

I had never thought about figure/fitness model competing until having lunch back in 2009 with a good friend who was thinking about competing, she suggested I do it as I was always training, I simply replied “ok then” and that as they say is history. Having previously been a part time model in my teens and early twenties getting up on stage was not really an issue for me I just made sure I had fun.

My competing has seen me do just 3 competitions. I placed 2nd in my first event back in 2009, 1st in my category in 2010 in Italy and 2nd & 3rd respectively in my categories most recently this April in Canada. I really love the fitness model category, it’s very sexy, sassy athletic and fun, and is so me. I hope to grace the cover of many fitness publications and show women how great it is to be fabulous at 40.

Competing is an amazing achievement, it is not just a physical journey but a very mental journey both pre and post competition. But when you have competed, if even just once then you know that there is not anything that you cannot achieve if you focus and put your mind to it.


I was featured in:

  • UK Version of OK! Magazine,
  • NOW magazine,
  • Channel 5 UK T.V



City, Province, Country:London, United Kingdom

Profession: Fitness Trainer,Group Fitness Trainer, Healthy Eating & Nutrition Adviser, Fitness Model

Years Experience in this Sport:Over 15 Years

Goals and Ambitions:To continue to have everyday health,further develop my business to be a Worldwide success,To be a successful Fitness model and to get my Pro card,,phew!

Hobbies and recreational activities:Travelling- The World is my Play Pen,Training, I love to challenge my body and try new activities, I am currently doing lots of outdoor training, hill intervals body weight circuits etc, Buying shoes- 'killa' heels I so far have over 100 pairs!

Favorite exercise:Hill Sprint outdoor intervals-Hardcore!

Favorite Book:To kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Lee

Favorite Cheat foods:Pralines & Cream Ice-cream

Favorite Movie:Twelve Angry Men- The original 1957's movie

Favorite Music: If I like a song- I like a song, be it rock, pop, RnB, Jazz My music collection is so diverse

Favorite body part:Glutes & Legs what is one without the other?

What is in your Locker Room or Gym BaG:Too much that I don't need that I say I won't take and do-JUST IN CASE(famous last words)

Advice for the begginer:P.P.F- Patience, Persistence and focus