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Stefanie Richard

Fitness Model & National Figure Athlete

As a teenager, I loved being active doing individual sports and go to the gym, do cardio. I have always wanted to have a model shape, like many young girls, but it never worked, so I found through training that my body is built to be more athletic than thin ... And I love that!

I love a healthy lifestyle that gives me a balanced diet. I started training seriously in April 2008 when I met my coach Larry Vinette. He taught me a lot and it changed my life. I began to compete in November 2008 in Las Vegas, where i fell in love with this sport.

First things first, it was Larry who came up with the idea of competing, and i thought it was a great idea because i trained hard and had already started a healthy lifestyle. At my first competition, I competed as a fitness model and bikini model after only 6 months strength training. When I saw the competitors in figure, I knew that this category was for me. I found the physiques very impressive and I saw a new challenge for me. I think it is a perfect balance between bodybuilding and femininity. Since that day, I train solely as a figure athlete.

I have a passion for competition but also modeling, so I love to combine the two. You can see me in several fitness magazines. I love to travel, compete and do photo shoots around the world.

My goal is to get my pro card, so I work hard for that. With my job, training, competitions and photo shoots I have a busy life, but I love being busy, I need that adrenaline. I always try to have a good balance between all these elements in my life, it is the key to success. Luckily, my husband encourages me in my goals and it is very important to me. It is teamwork!


Competition Rank Year
Arnold Classic Amateur, Columbus 6th March 2011
North American Championship, Cleveland 4th September 2010
CBBF Championship, Toronto 4th August 2010
Quebec Provincial Overall Figure Winner July 200
Quebec Regional Overall Figure Winner May 2010
WBFF Quebec, Gatineau 2nd June 2010
WBFF world champ.Toronto 3rd September 2009
Figure Universe, Miami 4th June 2009
Fame World Figure Figure Winner June 2009
Fitness model Fitness America, LasVegas, 6th November 2008



City, Province, Country:Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Profession: I work in the clothing industry and i’m a dental hygienist and a model too.

Years Experience in this Sport:3 years competing

Goals and Ambitions: Earn my Pro Card

Hobbies and recreational activities: Going to restaurant, watching movies, shopping and travels.

Favorite exercise:Shoulders lateral raises or any shoulders exercises.

Favorite Book:Take control of your health

Favorite Cheat foods:Mmmm chocolate!

Favorite Movie:The Notebook

Favorite Music: R&B, pop, house

Favorite body part:Abs and shoulders

What is in your Locker Room or Gym Bag::  I always bring my ipod music give me power! I don’t forget my stopwatch for my rest time. I also always bring my gloves, water, lipstick and towel.

Website: Stefanie Richard

Fan Page: Stefanie Richard Fitness Model & Figure Athlete