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Steven J. Badger

Watching "Conan”, "The Terminator" and "Commando" by Arnold made me want to be who I am today, just like many others! I wanted to know everything about him and how he did it ... the amazing body he had! I was 13 and a half when I competed the first time ... I trained for 5 years continuously, didn’t win anything then, I was young, I trained hard but didn’t eat right and did no steroids, I was thought to be a dead end ... for 14 years after that, I never trained in a gym for bodybuilding keeping in mind that I m too old, and I cant do it anymore,. Lee Haney won the Mr. Olympia 8 times and retired at the age of 32, by the time I was 32, I had become 112 kg, completely disfigured and depressed. In 2005, I decided to listen to my body, and my heart said I can do it, so I did; I went back to the gym and put the Israeli championships as a target for motivation. I competed the year after, placing 5th in my class up to 80kgs, and the year after I placed 3rd, Then I realized I can make it to the top in time, I just had to believe in myself, the year after, 3 weeks out, I was involved in a road accident, 3 total fractures in the both wrists and lost 6 teeth. It was painful but I still competed, placed fourth, but I showed myself that nothing stops me if I have my mind to it ... the accident did set me back the year after as well, but came 2011, I was ready for anything, I was given the chance to compete in the European championships and the world championships, placing 8th and 9th, as well as winning the nationals far beyond what was expected from me.
This year I got invited to 6 world championships from various federations, But I chose to compete in only 2 or maybe 3 depending on my finances, keeping in mind that I’m responsible for my expenses always ... being invited by the NAC federation to represent the United kingdom in the world champs in June 2012 was the best Christmas present I could ever hoped for.

And I surely want to move on for more ... as body building proved to be a sport for any age and the existence of more categories that are age related too ... the year 2011 gave me long lost hope in every level and aspect in my life on all accounts, personal, professional and recreational ... very religious person.... I love my family like no other, and I am way too blessed!

I am a certified gym trainer and nutritionist. I have my own very small private gym at work (xtreme I’ve been told) and I’m willing to take advice from anyone that makes sense!

Interviewed by a number of websites, magazines and TV stations, in both Arabic and Hebrew sports programs.


AGE: 39 - Born and bred in England, served in the British Army and a UN soldier for a number of years!

Residence: currently living in Israel, Married to an Arab woman, father of two boys, Justin and Jonathan, and an amazing girl Grace!

PROFESSION: Software Engineer, I run my own computer store and an Internet supply provider.

HOBBIES AND RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES: lecturer for anti-drugs campaigns (both for steroids and narcotics!), Formula one enthusiast, and restoring old bangers!


GOALS AND AMBITIONS: I would like to put together an Israeli team for the 2012 IBFF world championships and make it an annual event and have it funded by the government, and of course place in the top 5 in a world championship, the higher placing the better! But I have to keep it realistic!!! Bringing a world championships to the state of Israel is a dream that I m willing to devote expensively for!

FAVORITE EXERCISE: I found great pleasure and satisfaction in hiking... and Stairmaster cardio, lately.. Chest shoulder and back exercises as well as squats. I believe in 12 reps, and I believe in PAIN.

FAVORITE BOOK: the house of sands and fog.

FAVORITE CHEAT FOODS: Cheerios "honey toasted" with milk!

FAVORITE MOVIE: the green mile, and the Shawshank redemption!

FAVORITE MUSIC: pretty much anything that I can understand, with nice words and good music ... anything from country to heavy metal J


WHAT IS IN YOUR LOCKER ROOM OR GYM BAG: I have a smart phone , and a Bluetooth headset , so phone calls and music , all covered ... with a camera and an HD video camcorder.... towel and a change of cloth ... I carry it every where , so it acts as my wallet and my business bag too ... and it is not to big .... As I get closer to competition, I load it with weights too as I walk to and back from work!

ADVICE FOR THE BEGGINER: if you want to make it happen listen to one trainer and only one, the more trainers you listen to the more you get confused ... and the harder it sounds, don’t use steroids unless you intend to compete one day professionally ... choose your trainer and your steroids supplier very carefully!!!
It can happen to anyone, anyone can become in the players league, and any one can get cheated out is not fair, get used to it!

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I Trust in God!