Vanda Hadarean – Ultimate Champion 2008, Female Fitness Model and Fitness

Vanda is one of the most impressive fitness competitors in the world and it was an honour to have her at the MVP Quest. Not only is Vanda the holder of the Ms. Fitness World title, she is also an Olympic Silver Medalist for Romania in gymnastics. In addition to her amazing athletic ability, Vanda presents a beautiful physique with nearly flawless facial beauty making her not only the Ultimate Champion in Fitness, but in Fitness Model as well.

Vanda is a true inspiration to fitness competitors and her new website is where people can go in order to train with Vanda in order to be their very best and perhaps even compete as part of her team of athletes.

Vanda lives a very healthy lifestyle, but when she decides to give herself a treat and go off her strict regime, she will treat herself to egg yolks and/or chocolate. Hmmm...not very hard core treats! Which is perhaps why she is the Ultimate Champion!

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