In 2008, Producers Pat DiFruscia and Roberto Garcia with the help of MVP Biotech, started the most ambitious project ever seen in the world of sports supplements. The idea to create a full length motion picture became a reality thanks to the brainstorm of DiFruscia. Difruscia wanted to do something that was never seen before in the industry and help promote the upcoming fitness stars Michele Levesque and Julie Marland.

With the help of many, this Action / Comedy will entertain not just the the hardcore Athlete but anybody who enjoys a good slapstick superhero comedy movie. We invite you to get your popcorn, sit down and relax as the movie unfolds periodically on this webpage and you will be able to follow the adventures of the sexy MVP FORCE.

Movie Plot: King Voltage "Larry Vinette" is thirsty for supplements to become the most powerful athlete in the universe. With the help of his goons "the French Connection" he will stop at nothing to get every single supplement in the whole world. Now is up to MVP FORCE "Michele Levesque" and "Julie Marlsland" to stop this madness and do it with style!



Teaser Trailer:

This is the first glimpse at this superhero parody theme taking over the Nutritional Supplement Industry. With all the thrills and excitement of a Full Motion Picture, make sure you don't miss any minute of this highly anticipated movie!

0:55 Minutes


Part 1:

The "French Connection" is getting close to the MVP Nutrition Warehouse and they are just ready to take as many supplements as they can for King Voltage.

3:56 Minutes


Part 2:

The "French Connection" was able to succeed to steal all the supplements from the MVP Warehouse, but King Voltage thirst is still huge, and he wants more! MVP BOSS has no choice but to call the MVP Force to stop the Madness.

6:06 Minutes



Behind the scenes:

Is not always fun and games when our dedicated crew members are working hard on set. See what hapens when the unexpected happens during filming.

1:16 Minutes

/*STAY TUNNED! More to come!


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